Living with the Nomads

The Changpa Nomads of Eastern Ladakh

Leh, Tso Moriri, Chumathang Pateau, Karzok, Taglang La

This experiential program is designed for travellers interested in exploring the nomadic lifestyle of Himalayas where we stay with the nomads and listen to the stories of wolfs and snow leopards.

The Changpa nomads in Eastern Tibetan plateau of Ladakh wander from pasture to pasture with thousands of Yaks and Pashmina goats. They live in small temporary settlements made of hedge stones called ‘pullu’ and Yak wool tents called ‘the Rebo.’ The Changpa’s nomadic lifestyle set in trans Himalayan cold desert makes them a tough tribe living in one of the harshest climatic conditions. Receding pastures and wetlands through the Himalayas and the new generation lured to technology based comforts of the city is a major lifestyle challenge faced by them.


Day 1:
Travel to Changthang meet the clan head and with his permission pitch your tent in their settlement.
  • Stay:  Dome tents
  • Meals: Cook with the Nomads / Fire pit dinner
  • Transfers: Bikes/Jeep optional 
Day 2:
Live in the settlement and see the day to day life of the Nomads - the religious practices, storing food, milking goats, Handicraft work. Sit around the fire pit and share stories with them
Leave with a shepherd for the mountains with yaks and goats for the day. Pack your lunch, pick up your camera and you are in for a treat of best panoramic shots of Himalayas.
  • Stay:  Dome tents
  • Meals: Cook with the Nomads / Fire pit dinner
  • Transfers: Bikes/Jeep optional
Day 3:
Say good bye and travel back from the settlement to Leh. 
  • Stay:  Dome tents 

Package Cost

8900 8400 per person

( ₹ 500 discount from MyWanderlust )

  • Any number of days can be added at 2500 / person / day
  • Accompanying photographer available @ 1000 / day


  • Personally lead experiential trip
  • Stay
  • All Meals
  • Transfers
  • Water refills
  • Daily refreshments
  • Permits / passes


  • Anything not mentioned in inclusions

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The Hearth stays

Why travel with us

We're the only local offbeat travel company from ladakh with 7 years of industry experience

With a thorough knowledge of cultural heritage of ladakh

We are trained for ecologically conscious travels

& have tied up with many local enviornmental, media and archetuctrul organizations working locally


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