Retrace the Ghost Trails of Spiti!

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  • All stays – Hotel / Guesthouses / Camps
  • All transport from Narkanda to Narkanda by Bolero / Sumo
  • All meals – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • All tolls, Permits, parking and fuel
  • Driver allowances and stays
  • An experienced trip leader from the community.
  • Forest guide and trek team for the Snow Leopard trails.
  • Coordination and management fees
  • Good vibes! 😊


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  • Any personal shopping of any type.
  • Any other meals / snacks during the journey etc which have not been mentioned above.
  • Any alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Anything which has not been included above.
  • Travel arrangements to and from Narkanda. Feel free to contact us for guidance.


  1. 6th Jan to 14th Jan
  2. 14th Feb to 22nd Feb

The upper reaches of the Spiti Mountains are home to the most elusive big cat in the world- the snow leopard. This beautiful, regal animal, identifiable by its thick fur and long, fluffy tail lives in solitude in caves and dens for majority of the year. The herbivores descend from the highest reaches of the mountains in search of food and water during the winter months. Following its prey, so does the Snow Leopard.

These high places attract two kinds of adventurous spirits: those who drink in the moment and move on, and those who are moved deeply by an awesome connection with something beyond human description. The latter cannot leave behind only footprints. Their souls would not bear it; they must in some way tithe to the spirit mountains, the spirit cat-in time, deeds, words.

Join us on this expedition, as we follow in the footsteps of this mysterious and mystical creature – the grey ghost of Spiti. We shall drive together through the snow-covered valley to reach Kibber, base camp for wildlife enthusiasts seeking a glimpse of the Snow leopard.

Let the game begin..!!


No. OF DAYS – 09

DAY 01  - Arrive at Narkanda.                                                         Camps

DAY 02  - Narkanda – Nako                                                            Hometsay

DAY 03  - Nako – Kibber                                                                Homestay

DAY 04  - Kibber, Snow Leopard Trail                                              Homestay

DAY 05  - Kibber, Snow Leopard Trail                                              Homestay

DAY 06  - Kibber, Snow Leopard Trail                                              Homestay

DAY 07  - Kibber – Tabo                                                                 Guesthouse

DAY 08  - Tabo – Kalpa                                                                   Hotel

DAY 09  - Kalpa – Narkanda                                                              -      

Without further ado lets get to the highlights of the trip in these snow cladded rolling cold deserts of Indian Himalayas!

  1. An epic road & trek trip awaits you..! Begin your game in the wilderness with great experienced guides, drivers and gears!
  2. Trekking the Snow Leopard Trail with Rangers from Forrest Department of Spiti. You will be spending 4 entire days amidst wilderness and the Ghostly trails.
  3. Camping amidst snow cladded Apple orchards with an inhouse bonfire... 🏕
  4. You will be a part of making and stocking the local cuisines and wines made specially for winter - the ultimate survival time..!
  5. Evening spent with Traditional dance performance by local kids & ladies of Spiti. 🎶
  6. Best Homestay experience – witness and experience the epic hospitality at such harsh conditions! 🏡 🍲
  7. Last but not the least - Travel with a local! Your hosts are young, passionate and sensitive travel enthusiasts who have known these mountains since from ever!



 Narkanda (2760mts) in Lower Kinnaur, full with apple estates is just 70 kms from Shimla and is still unexplored. The clouds run through the pine trees and let the apple orchards be. Its virginity intrigued us and hence we have introduced a camping experience amidst apple orchards exclusively for you!

  • Once you arrive in Narkanda, you will be transferred to your camping site and meet your hosts for the trip.
  • Evening will be lit with in house bonfire and interaction with co travellers.

o/n Narkanda



| 251 kms | 7-8 hrs | 3662mts|

In the morning mist of clouds, and endless snow dunes,  you pass through the “swachh” city Reckong Peo, leaving Himalayan forest behind, entering upper Kinnaur, where you start to sight snow cold deserts. Climbing up through the straight valley, you reach the pristine Tibetan Nako village. A walk through the village and the pristine lake is the things to do.   

  • After checkin get ready with your walking shoes for a village walk with your Trip Leader. Visit the monastery overlooking the village and further walk to the Nako lake. Winter is the perfect time to find a crisp mirror image of the rolling deserts in the water.
  • By evening this windy desert village is seen fluttering under prayer flags dispersing the blessings all over where you can stand and pray for your loved ones. 

o/n Nako



| 127 kms | 3-4hrs | 4270mts |

Beyond Kaza, the landscape is studded with some small settlements at a god forbidden altitude. These places still bear a post office, a police station, school, primary health department and a bus stand, functioning like in your city. This area has been declared as a fossil spotting site, taking one back to history of a medieval time. These clusters are spread along the contours, with dwarfed mud structures made from the context itself. The first sight of these settlements from far away leaves a person speechless, and then a story teller! These roads are sometimes visited by the big cats also known as the Himalayan Ghosts and snow Leopards! 

  • After an early breakfast depart from Nako into real Spiti, further into the Land of the Ghosts cats of Himalayas!
  • On the way we would break at the very iconic Key monastery. Located at an altitude of 4166 mts, was founded back in the 11th Being the oldest along side Spiti river, the monastery has an entire complex for lamas to live, study and practice.
  • Drive to Kibber, a small settlement with beautiful people. Feel at ease and relax at your stay. Walk around the small town and interact with the locals.

o/n Kibber



 High in the lofty peaks of central Asia, a rare, elusive cat sits curled on a rocky ledge overlooking a deep, rugged valley. To Asia, the snow leopard is embeded in ancient lore and lately has become the sumbol of unity and conservation in a region Marco Polo described as "noisy with kingdoms". For locals who share its mountain realm, there is respect and fear. Strangely, the snow leopard ranks among notable rare animals- alongside the bald eagle, polar bear, lion, tiger and panda - yet it is perhaps the least studied and certainly the least written about. There is a good reason why we know so little about the snow leopard. Come and explore these ghostly trails responsibly & sensitively and take back with us something unforgettable!

  • Every morning our forest rangers will take us to these hidden trails where these cats surface for food in the winter. Our guides work with the forest department have a great knowledge of their movements.
  • Keep your cameras ready for making some memories, to relive them when the game is over!
  • Evenings we would come back to our heavenly abode after the days walk in the snow and warm ourselves with the then experienced adrenaline rush bursting from knee deep snow!
  • Enjoy local dances and wines, be a part of the Himalayan life for a few days and experience the hardships to survive!

o/n Kibber



|95kms 3 hrs| 3280 mts|

Crossing surreal white landscapes and deep narrow gorges along Khab and Nako we arrive in Tabo, a small settlement in the Lahaul and Spiti district on the banks of river Spiti. The temples within the monastery complex in Tabo have a plethora of wall paintings and mud statues. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) attempted to restore some paintings that were ravaged by time, but were not very successful. 

  • Visit the ancient Buddhist monastery here, also known as the ‘Ajanta of Himalayas’. The wall paintings and mud structures are bound to encapsulate the visitors.
  • Evening will bring you back to the warmth of a cozy home-stay for some momo nipping.
  • Take rest from the electrifying few days and soak in the magic.

o/n Tabo



|100 kms | 4-5 hrs| 2960 mts|

 The most beautiful part about this settlement is – how magically the Buddhist and Hindu worshiping complexes were fused together architecturally and in belief. One can see the entire Kinnaur Kailash mountain range in the background of the town. The streets are studded with Kinnauri apples, apricots and kind people. 

  • On arrival and check in, get ready to witness magnificent piece of architecture – The Kalpa Buddhist and Hindu temple complex. Walk around the breezy terraces overlooking the town and watch the drama in the narrow streets.
  • Drive to Suicide point and Roghi village. The most fascinating feature around this area is the sudden change of topography from the lofty green Himalayas to sudden steep Himalayan drops. It is indeed jaw dropping!
  • Evening to leisure.

o/n Kalpa


After a heavy breakfast we head back to Narkanda where our adventure began!

As all good things come to an end, our trip leader will bid byes and provide you with your All India & WHGC ‘Trek’ Permits for the year 2019-20(for further details you can contact on the given numbers and know more about your Himalayan membership!)

Soak all of in at ease...

Trip Ends..


Meet your host

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What happens when two crazy mad hatters meet ?? Especially when both are avid travelers and are full of enthusiasm to explore.??
-->Trips like this are planned and unforgettable memories are made.

Who are we.?
Kanupriya Raniwala – Founder and Trip curator @ ALL INDIA PERMIT (@travel.a.i.p)
~ Architect,Traveler,Explorer
Avinash Jeet Shyam – Founder and Outdoor Expert @ WILD HIMALAYA GLAMPING CAMP (@wildhimalayaglampingcamp)
~ Biker, Mountaineer, cent-percent Pahadi

We came across each other in one of our trips to Spiti, during which our travel thoughts aligned, some crazy ideas were bounced off and here we are, ready to host you for numerous adventures across the Himalayas. Our trips are context and community bound, as we feel the essence and uniqueness of a place is not just because of nature but community who nurtures it .We thus believe in achieving our travel goals with a sensitive approach - one which works with the community, culture, nature, local architecture and art .
Hence, we planned to work with the forest department rangers of Spiti itself for our winter Spiti expeditions. We feel these rangers know the pulse of the Himalayas and the species (including us) living in it. So if you are looking for a nature and community sensitive travel plan with a twist of fun, madness and lil surprises on the way, then this is 'the trip' for you.

So join us as we walk,drive, ride, explore and rock-n-roll with you together to hear what the mountains have to say.!!!!

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