Unexplored Jaisalmer

TAURUS THE TRUCK - Luxury Overland Truck

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

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Additional Details


  • All three veg homely meals as buffet (self-service), onboard Taurus. Field lunch (Veg) while travelling (from the kitchen of Taurus or roadside dhaba), without beverages.
  • One visit to the Border Post to meet and greet the soldiers, if circumstances allow.
  • The services of Taurus will be available from Damodra to Barmer. Pick up and drop is available ‘ON DEMAND’ as extra.
  • Taurus to travel all onboard for the itinerary.
  • Stay onboard Taurus as per the accommodation available on rotational basis and sleeping bags are provided by us.
  • Filtered Water, please bring your own bottles to refill


  • Anything not mentioned in the inclusions.
  • Journey from home to Taurus and Taurus to homewards.
  • Transport for personal trips or any activity which is not included in the package.
  • Guides and porters.
  • Camel Safari.
  • Dinner/snacks with bonfire and local cultural program at Khuri.
  • Entry ticket for any .place
  • Medical insurance, accident rescue, medical expenses, insurance of all kinds.
  • Loss of anything.

Damodra-Khaba Fort-Khuri-Munabao-Barmer

Group Size: 6 min... 8 max

Wake up to captivating sunrises over a vast undulating landscape. End your day on the untouched, unspoilt sand dunes painted golden by the setting sun. After a scrumptious dinner from the kitchen of Taurus, retire for the night under the blanket of a billion stars. Nothing else. Just you and the serene tranquility around you.

In between, visit the ancient temples and ruins, ghost towns and the real villages of Rajasthan, away from the tourist glare. This is the Rajasthan hinterland where tourists do not dare to venture. Drive along Mars like landscapes and pay a visit to India’s remote border post.

This one of its kind desert exploration tour to the far corners of Rajasthan will give you a magical experience possible only onboard the Taurus.



  • 5 days/ 4 nights
  • Group size: Min 6, Max of 8 participants
  • Khaba Fort and Khaba village half in ruins
  • Drive on Border Road around 130 kms, scantily inhabited.
  • Kiradu Temples – Khajuraho of Rajasthan
  • War Memorial of Indian Railways
  • Best of Silence & Tranquillity
  • Pristine Sand Dunes
  • Camel Safari
  • Experience Thar Desert like never before
  • Experience the real rejuvinationation
  • Meet and greet the soldiers at a forward area Border Post
  • Rich colourful culture of Havelis and Forts
  • Unprecedented vast open landscape ample tranquility
  • Best photography opportunities
  • BILLION STAR NIGHT … an unforgettable experience
  • Moonlit night while being in wilderness, with comforts, as experience beyond any price tag
  • Private sunrise and sunset, an experience which has no parallel in the area.
  • Photography tips by Capt Suresh Sharma and his company are priceless

Please Note: Available for Indian Nationals only, as border areas are restricted for foreign nationals.


Day 1:

Arrive at Damodra

A 30-minute drive from Jaisalmer will get you to Damodra where you will check in onboard the Taurus. Peace and quiet will welcome you as you take in the vast open arid landscape. The location might remind you of outback Australia or Africa. Take your time to get used to this clean atmosphere free of any man-made disturbances. Let the tranquility rejuvenate your senses. Imagine a comfortable outdoor meal in such a setting! Priceless!

The sky gazing at this place even for novices is an overwhelming experience. If there is moon then you wouldn’t have experienced such a moonlit night! It’s time for romance.

It’s you and mother nature from here onwards.


Day 2:

Camel Safari to Khaba Fort

Wake up for a cup of morning tea – we bet it’s one of the best ones you’ve ever had! While you are enjoying your breakfast, camels arrive with guttural sounds to invite you for an enthralling ride across the countryside. Go back in time to the ancient life of camels being taken on trade expeditions called ‘karvan’.

Taurus will be waiting for you at Khaba Fort to host you with a ‘field lunch’ offering a commanding view over the village, part in ruins. We then drive onboard the Taurus through a strikingly unique landscape to Khuri, a typical Rajasthani village with thatched huts. There are no tourist crowds here. We are here to enjoy cultural folk evening after watching a mesmerising sunset.

Night stay onboard Taurus.


  • Since camel safari is optional, those who won’t opt for the camel safari will travel onboard Taurus through rural setting and meet the camel safari at Khaba Fort for field lunch.
  • After watching the mesmerising sunset, if the group wishes, we may organise a cultural folk evening at a resort as an optional activity, which means its paid as extra.

Night stay onboard Taurus.


Day 3:

A special drive on border road to Munabao

Are you now getting used to living like a free bird? These pristine sunrises with a steaming cup of tea and the warmth of Taurus might just bring out your poetic side!

After early breakfast, Taurus revs up and sets its bearings to offer you peep into hidden world on the way to Munabao. It’s an exhilarating drive 130 kms on the border road. Not everyone gets a chance to tread this road. The road from Khuri to Barmer of 252 kms has no infrastructure for tourists. There’s hardly any traffic – or habitation here. It’s a dream drive hugging the Indo-Pak border. Remote sand dunes keep us company all along. Only true explorers get a chance to visit these dunes! On this stretch, we will meet the simplest Indians who offer genuine smile and warmth, something we don’t often see in the cities.

Munabao is right on the Indo-Pak border so close one could blow ‘water bubbles’ into Pakistan! On arrival at Munabao, we will visit the border post to ‘meet and greet’ the soldiers and to express our gratitude. Visiting any ‘border post’ is a unique encounter and you experience adrenaline surge and our respect increases manifolds for the soldiers who guard our border 24×7 under harsh conditions while we sleep in peace. You will be in awe to see even basics are of life are abysmally scanty at such locations. Our brave soldiers risk their life for our sleep, it’s here you experience patriotism first-hand.

Night stay at onboard Taurus somewhere in the middle of nowhere!


Day 4:

Kiradu Temple Complex/ Barmer

After a relaxed breakfast, we visit a local sweet shop to buy world famous “GADRA LADDOO”. You will be treated like a star here in this small town and shopping becomes an unforgettable experience as you will be showered with warmth and questions by the curious rural folk. Let’s have a pit stop in the middle of nowhere for tea break, while driving to Kiradu Temple Complex or Barmer.

While proceeding to Kiradu/ Barmer, we stop at the War Memorial of the Indian Railways. Its an unknown war memorial to commemorate the sacrifice 17 railway personnel who made supreme sacrifice while maintaining the supply lines for the battle front of the Indian Army in 1965.

Also, we will visit the Kiradu Temple complex in ruins, called unexplored Khajuraho of Rajasthan.

We may anchor TAURUS for the night stay just little outside Barmer or outside Kiradu Temple Complex.


Day 5:

Departure for home

After leisurely breakfast, you may choose to either travel with Taurus to Jaisalmer or under own arrangements to Jodhpur. Also you could explore Barmer and with loads of memories say Goodbye to Taurus!

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New Concept in India – LUXURY OVERLAND TRUCK

A New Experience! 1st Time Ever in India – Indigenous

Imagine travelling in a self-contained vehicle like Taurus. While travelling grabbing every opportunity of `roadside photography’, getting hot tea and coffee in the middle of action and getting a location to spend a night wherever its night, no rush and no loss of time to get back to your hotel for night stay; experience the outdoors like never before. You save your precious time of scouting a destination…

Green Dot Expeditions is a ‘remarkable enterprise’ having no parallel in India. Its being steered by passionate photographers and spirited travellers, offering `unique experience’ for outdoor enthusiasts and travel photographers.

Our programs are special and unique in every aspect, full of excitement and satisfaction, with unlimited `FLEXIBILITY & FREEDOM’ offering:

  • We offer ‘genuine quality time’ for families and couples to enhance bonding, to relax and rejuvenate in outdoors.
  • Most befitting program for outdoor travellers who wish to explore real India beyond the ordinary.
  • Photo Expeditions for outdoor photographers in a style which will enhance the output and experience of lifetime, experience ECSTASY to the hilt with Green Dot Expeditions.
  • Most of the destinations shall be the unknown to tourists and beyond one’s easy reach!
  • We also offer photography workshops ‘on-the-move’ for photographers on some of our programs.
  • Our lectures and workshops are special. We do not reproduce what is available for free on Google.
  • Programs/ Expeditions are planned and operated with great amount of flexibility & freedom. Always looking for exhilarating moments, events or places, we grab what is there to enhance the experience of the group.

Supporting Nature & Social Commitments

We are genuinely committed to Preserve Natural and Cultural Heritage of Rural India, within our means and abilities.

1.Eco-friendly Tourism with least impact on environment
2.Sustainable Tourism with benefits to Local Communities

What we do for the environment

We believe to LEAD BY EXAMPLE, what we preach we practice with best of abilities.

  • Disposable Plates and Mugs: We don’t use any disposable items for food, it generates lots of avoidable trash. And its not hygienic. And we try to discourage others by sharing information
  • Barbeque Coal: We don’t burn wood charcoal for our barbeque. We use charcoal briquettes which are produced from coconut shells.
  • Bonfire : We discourage bonfire just for fun sake. Yes if we can buy cow-dung-cakes from locals then we organise bonfire or we use charcoal briquettes. But we don’t burn wood. Also, when we organise it, we prefer not to burn it on earth as the fire will kill micro organisms and insects in small burrows and will leave a scar on earth for long. Also, wood is scarce in Ladakh and its for the survival of the locals in winters. Even if we buy wood and burn for fun, its an irresponsible activity.
  • Paper Napkins: We don’t use paper napkins for day to day usage. Very rarely, only for an extreme case where its the most suitable solution for a need.
  • Cloth Napkins: We use cotton napkins for kitchen and while serving food to our guests. And we make humble request to avoid using napkins when not needed.

Please suggest some dates that you have in mind.

Please suggest what changes do you have in mind.

Please suggest what changes do you have in mind.

Please share your contact details.

We totally understand that unforeseen circumstances might need you to change plans, and so our cancellation policy makes it easier to do that.
  • Cancellations prior to 30 days from the start of the trip — full refund.
  • Cancellation between 30 days and 15 days to the start of the trip — 50% refund.
  • Cancellation less than 15 days to the start of the trip — no refund.

In case of unforeseen weather conditions, government restrictions or any other unavoidable circumstances beyond the control of the host, certain activities during the expedition or the event itself may be cancelled, or there could be change in the itinerary. In such cases, the host will try their best to provide an alternate feasible activity or a voucher will be handed over (in case of cancellation or rescheduling of event) to you. However no refund will be provided for the same.

In case the trip is cancelled by the host for lack of minimum number of people in the batch, you will get a full refund.

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