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  • The cost is from Yuksum to Yuksum only. Other destinations and a prolonged itinerary can be curated on request.


  • All meals, the day we start walking.
  • All stays.
  • All camping and tenting gear.
  • Guide and a trek leader, entire kitchen and porting staff.
  • An unforgettable experience in the magical Himalayas..! :)
  • Jaw dropping view of Mt. Kanchendzonga and its neighbouring ranges, unbelievably upclose..!
  • A surprise walk from Goechala further up to the base of Mt. Kanchendzonga!


  • Any personal shopping.
  • Anything which has not been mentioned in the inclusions. :)

This pass is not just a destination to be conquered to satisfy the adventure thrill, but bears unique history which Sikkim believes in whole heartedly. Besides being a pass for the Tibetan Nepalese to enter India during the primitive times, Goecha-La is said to be the gateway leading to the spiritually incarnated Hidden Caves of Mt. Kanchenjunga.

The trek provides an unforgettable experience swirling through changing landscapes from the village countryside to barren, arid Himalayan highlands. If you are an avid photographer, wildlife adventurer, bird watcher and a trekking enthusiast, then this walk in the wild will not disspoint you. Spend you evenings lazing under the purest skies, dotted with stars. The  "Nedrogs" as the guides call themselves as spiritual jouney parters are great story tellers and nature worshippers. Enagage yourself to learn more about the lifestyle of these mounatin men when your phones will die out to distract you.  

Once you cross Dzongri, the base camp for Himalayan Mountaineering Institute at an altitude of 4200mts, you will be greeted into the Kanchendzonga Valley from where the magic begins.

Countless trekkers from all around the world have this destination as one in their bucket list. Many have reached atop, meditated and prayed to the deities for their well being and thanking for all the happiness sent across.



Day 1 - Yuksum (1750mts) - Tshoka (3050mts)

|Easy – Moderate|7 hrs|17kms|Tents|

The National Highway 10 breaks into a small human settlement, the first capital of Sikkim, where the first consecrated “CHOGYAL” established his throne (now known as the ‘Coronation Throne’) called Yuksum. The dirt roads of this village are like interwoven urban fabric, where it functions as a road literally at one time, a plaza the other, a shopping arena, a sitout, a walkout, children’s play area or in simple words - a kaleidoscope of activities. The same roads lead you further into the Kanchendzonga National Park.

During this 17km hike, one walks through the lush green forests of the Kanchenjunga National Park, where the colour of the trees and flowers  become brighter, water becomes neon and the air lighter. If one is lucky enough, can get a hearty watch of the Red Pandas in their natural habitat at this altitude, the state animal of Sikkim.  Crossing the last bridge from the mystic four, an indication of the uphill to Tshoka (3050mts), nature treats you by-passing Bakhim (2700mts) by a perfect tonic to the eyes and the lungs. Monochromatic layers of mountains and the dotted villages left behind, a scale of distance with a unit of time.

o/n Tshoka


Day 2 - Tshoka - Dzongri (4320mts)

|Moderate - Tough|7 hrs|08kms|Tents|

Atop Tshoka, a steep ascending wooden pathway laced with rich alpine flora and rhododendron shrubs culminating to the snowy slopes of Kanchenjunga National Park will rest at Dzongri (4320mt) via Phedang (4000mt). It takes almost 7 hours for an average trekker to cross these 8kms for this unforgettable panorama of jagged snow peaks surrounding, cutting across in an arc 270* through the azure sky. The landscape is incidental.. It is the trekkers that change.

o/n Dzongri la


Day 3 - Dzongri la (4320mts) - Dzongri top (4500mts) - Thangsing (4300mts)

|Moderate |5 hrs|14kms|Tents|

It is a delicacy as the trekkers have it, to wake up as early in the morning to the beauty of mountain peaks by climbing to Dzongri top (4500mt) from where one can get a panoramic view of Kabru (7353m), Ratong (6678m), Kanchenjunga (8534m), Koktang (6147m), Pandim (6691m), Narsingh(5825m) all blissfully bathing in the pure sunrays turning from pink to crimson to yellow to white on one side.. and the shear clouds resting like a lake in between the mountains, revealing the insignificant glittering lights of Darjeeling and Yuksum on the other .

Dear trekker, After breakfast get ready for the 14km descend into the magical gateway valley of Kanchenjunga after this charged up Himalayan drama. Thangsing(4300mt), a meadow, is the entrance to the valley, flanked by mountain ranges on the either side where the cattle graze and a stream directly from the pure melting snows passes by. Due to this change in topography and altitude one would see a change in the flora, landscape and the smells surrounding the entire valley.

o/n Thangsing


Day 4 - Thangsing - Lamune (4500mts)

|Easy |3 hrs|6 kms|Tents|

A straight 6-7km, cake walk from Thangsing, to Lamune (4500mt) is meditative, the surroundings filled with high mountain deities and devils looking down at the new visitors. The trekker's footsteps are magnetically pulled by the Kanchenjunga peak right at the centre of the valley as a vantage point. Lamune, an open air monastery, into the wild, a perfect place to camp, with a free flowing river, Mt. Kanchendzonga with its theatrical presence, mounted like a gid, silence absorbing the landscape and a few happy mountain goats merrying their way in the meadows, is the last halt for Goecha- La.

o/n Lamune


Day 5 - Lamune - Goechala (5050mts) - Cocuchurung (4700mts)

|Easy to Moderate to Tough |5 hrs|9 kms|Tents|

Goecha-La view point an island surrounded by snow cladded ranges silences the mind and focuses the thoughts. Breathe in the blessed saturated chill air and zoom in the crisp details of the mountain crevasses and architecture. As insignificant you spot yourself, Mt Pandim(6691mts) on your right will affirm it. You would see the devotion impounding in the guide’s eyes whilst praying to Mt.Kanchenjuga for yet another successful trip. Descending back through Lamune to the romantic location of Cocuchurung (4700mt), it is the time to celebrate with ‘thongbas’ and some ‘nepali hits’.

o/n Cocuchurung


Day 6 - Cocuchurung - Tshoka (3050mts)

|Easy |5 hrs|9 kms|Tents|

The route from Cocuchurung to Tshoka is a part of the Sangalila trek, by-passing the barren and high altitude terrains of Dzongri, we enter in to the pristine evergreen forests of rhododendrons and other ecosystems thriving with the back ground music of the falling waters.Passing through Phadeng, we retrace our steps to Tshoka with a warm welcome by the trekkers who would be retracing your footprints.

o/n Tshoka


Day 7 - Tshoka - Yuksum (1750mts)

|Easy |5 hrs|17 kms|Tents|

In full delight and glory and a detached mind, walk over the low altitude forests again. Breathing the smoked alleys of villages, realization of civilization after the arduous and sincere 9 days of walking into the wild, are one of the reflective moments.

o/n Yuksum

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I am a practicing Architect based out of Sikkim and now the founder and trip curator at All India Permit, travel & photography - a travel startup. Our team consists of avid travellers who are passionate Lawyers, Mountaineers and designers. We draw inspiration from the laws of nature to do better work in our respective fields when we are not travelling. Our way of seeing and experiencing the place hence is different and thats what we present to our guests on the All India Permit platter..

If you wish to take a step towards sensitive traveling - sensitive towards the community you visit, towards its ecology, want to contribute or give something back to the commmunity, then lets hit the road together in  the Himalayas..!

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