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Sand Dunes in Hunder is the major attraction of Nubra Valley. Sunset views are the best in this place. Another noteworthy place to visit in Nubra Valley is Diskit Monastery and the giant 32mt tall Buddha Statue! If you have travelled till Nubra, it is worth visiting turtuk Village which is almost 80km from Hunder. It is a beautiful village with beautiful people.

Top places to see in Nubra Valley include:
Diskit Diskit Monastery Hunder

Reaching Nubra Valley from major nearby cities:

From Srinagar to Nubra Valley, it is 581.9 kms and takes about 13.0 hrs on road. [see on ]

From Manali to Nubra Valley, it is 605.8 kms and takes about 17.0 hrs on road. [see on ]

From Shimla to Nubra Valley, it is 853.3 kms and takes about 25.0 hrs on road. [see on ]

Reaching Nubra Valley by Train:

Nagrota Bagwan Himichal Pradesh, Kangra (District) is the nearest Railway station to Nubra Valley. [ directions from the station]

Reaching Nubra Valley by Air:

Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, Leh is the nearest airport. [ directions from the airport]

Places near Nubra Valley include:
Markha Leh Markha Valley Stakna Chadar Trek North Pullu Lamayuru
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