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Welcome to Agra!

Agra, popular for architecture and history of places such as Taj Mahal and Agra Fort is a nice place to visit in Uttar Pradesh. See budget travelling guide for Agra, how to reach, places to visit, etc.

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Budget travelling guide for Agra

(contributed by Shubham Jainz )


Pre-booked an AC dorm for 224 RS per night in moustache hostel which was really good , clean bathrooms, comfortable bed and AC was really good.
-Zostel is also a good and cheap place to stay
-Taj Nagri is the main area where tourist stay
-Taj Nagri has many hotels, hostels and restaurants


I started my journey from Sagar (madhya pradesh) by train to Agra cannt station....

You have to go out of the station where many tea stall are made and look for an shared tuk tuk to bijli ghar (Agra fort station) or directly to taj Nagri ( Taj Mahal East gate)

-From agra cant station to bijli ghar(Agra fort station) shared tuk tuk costs 10 rs and non shared will cost 50 rs

-From bijli ghar take shared tuk tuk to taj Nagri which is on east gate side of Taj Mahal and my hostel ( moustache hostel was located there) costs 10 rs and non shared one for 60 RS...
*Non shared tuk tuk from Agra cannt station to taj Nagri will cost 100 RS
*Shared tuk tuk form Agra cant station to taj Nagri will cost 20 RS

Reaching Taj Mahal
Taj Nagri had a government parking in which government run golf cart and electric bus were available to go to taj Mahal east gate which was 1.5 km from there and costs 5 Rs per person

Reaching Agra Fort
For Agra fort take shared tuk tuk from taj Nagri to bijli ghar ( Agra fort station)for 10 RS
Agra fort is 100 m away from there


  • There are many cheap places for good food in taj Nagri.....there was a street food cart serving the most delicious aloo Parantha i ever had for 30 RS for 2 Parantha
  • There was a food truck in which you can get a thali which was delicious for 80 rs ....

Taj Mahal cost 60 RS per person for foreigners I think 1100 rs
( Take a water bottle with you)
Go as early as you can take opens at 6 am and 6 to 8 am is the best timing after that it get flooded by people so you have to wait to click photos infront of taj
Avoid going to tak on weekends it's flooded with people
Agra fort Tickets will cost 60 RS per person for Indian and 500 RS for foreigners

Beware of scammers and pick pocketers
For foreigners - Beware of the random people and vendors calling you "my friend" "my friend"
And when you are buying something and if they say " very good price" it's not a good price
- if you want to buy petha or anything don't go to the shop with tuk tuk driver or any random guy from street calling you " my friend" "my friend" very good shop to buy... come with me.... they're agents and take commission for that

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