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Buses to Spiti?


I would like to know about the buses timings that plies from Recong Peo to Kaza? or Manali to Kaza? What is the best way?


asked by Naman Kapoor

1 Answer

The HRTC bus from Recong Peo to Kaza starts at 7am, while the Manali to Kaza bus starts at 6am, both taking more or less similar time.

Also, from Manali side there are multiple shared jeeps and shared traveler bus as well. If you're going from Manali side you might want to go in the traveler, which is costlier but is more comfy than HRTC bus. About half the route from Manali to Kaza has no road, and is quite a bumpy ride. (wrote more about this on Spiti guide here: https://mywanderlust.in/place/india/himachal-pradesh/lahaul-and-spiti/spiti-valley/travel-guide/ )

Both of these routes have their own beauty, if possible use one to get in and the other to move out?



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