Spiti Valley

Which places can I cover during Feb-March in Kinnaur and Spiti?

I'm leaving on 27 feb 2019 from chandigarh to kinnaur and spiti

asked by Deepak Kumar Jain

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Spiti route at this time will be unpredictable with landslides blocking roads sometimes for days. Even last week there was an avalanche shutting down the road for multiple days.

See this for more: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/shimla/50-tourists-including-foreigners-stranded-in-avalanche-hit-spiti/articleshow/68143738.cms

The route till Kinnaur is usually in good shape and you shouldn't face any issues going all the way to Nako. Right after Nako, Malling Nala could be the first roadblock. 2 years back in March, I was stuck in Kaza for a week due to a bad landslide here.

Having said that, dispite some of these inconveniences, winters is an amazing time to witness the white Spiti, and get to see even warmer Spitian hospitality as this is not a busy season.

Kinnaur would be accessible and welcoming too. Chitkul often gets disconnected during winters though so if you're heading there keep an eye on the weather in advance.

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