Why is solo travel not allowed in bhutan?

asked by Sonam Shah

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Hi, Sonam Shah. Bhutan has no restrictions on travel composition. You are free to travel alone all around as far as you have the entry permit and route permits in hand. You must have misunderstood from the tourism policy of Bhutan for foreign* tourists, as they are not allowed to visit Bhutan on their own, they are only allowed to travel to Bhutan through one of the government licensed tour operators like us. But again, it’s not that they can’t travel alone. If you have any further requirements or clarifications, please feel open to contact us anytime. Happy to help always. With much love from snowy Bhutan.

(Foreign tourists in Bhutan are tourists from countries other than India, Bangladesh and Maldives. The tourists from these three countries being called regional tourists.)

-Rinzin happiness_is_a_place.

There are no travel restrictions in Bhutan. The Foreign tourists are required to visit Bhutan through a tour operator only registered in Bhutan with a fixed budget. However, Indian tourists and as a matter of fact, all citizens of SAARC Nations are not required to do such formality. They can visit Bhutan solely without any designated tour guide. Also, there is no restriction on number of tourists visiting Bhutan.


SOLO travel is allowed in Bhutan, You just need valid permits. Getting a permit for solo travel will be a bit of difficult task than group permit.

After getting permits one can travel freely without any guide.


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