Prashar Lake

Can someone recommend a trek organiser for Parashar Lake?

asked by Shubham Agrawal

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I trekked to the lake alone in winters and it is not much hard if you're decently experienced at trekking in Himachal. Though some of my friends have gone there via India Hikes and their experience has been A1! I don't know much of other trek organizers but this one I can assure you good service by experience.

You don't need any organiser. When you reach the lake, you can either book a room in the rest house or a tent. Food is also available in the dhaba.
Regarding the trek, it's a straight uphill trek.

You can contact Himachal Trekkers at 7807017563/9459850565. I just went on a trip with them to Tirthan. My friend went with them to parashar lake as well. The experience was good but they are a little bit on the expensive side.

Hey shubham we have fixed group departures almost every weekend from Delhi... if youbare intrested kindly whatsap me at 9891868424

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Visit Prashar Lake with MyWanderlust hosts:

Parashar Lake Trek

Parashar Lake Trek

Go via an offbeat and uncrowded route

2399 per person

Host: Trekkers Hub

Manali, Jibhi and Parashar Lake Trip

Manali, Jibhi and Parashar Lake Trip

A perfect getaway in Himachal

8799 per person

Host: Trekkers Hub

Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake Trek

Lake with a floating Island

2399 per person

Host: Flysports Trek and Tours Pvt Ltd

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