Is there any cellular connectivity in Chitkul?

asked by Prakhar Gupta

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Apart from BSNL(+MTNL) there is no cellular service provoder that works in Chitkul. I have an MTNL prepaid SIM, phone calls and SMS were working fine but even 2G internet couldn't connect. As of June 2018, my friend's Airtel postpaid wasn't working either.

As far as internet connectivity goes, there is a spot around 3KMs from Chitkul towards sangla that gets 4G JIO connectivity, haven't used it, but locals told me that you can access internet there and there only. Not even Zostel has internet in Chitkul. 

One of the locals told me that it's not the providers but the Army which is blocking(read 'doesn't allow') cellular connectivity in Chitkul, because it is very close to the border. 

No connectivity in Chitkul from Airtel and Vodafone, however there is a point which is roughly about a km or two walk towards Sangala from the sign post "Chitkul mein aapka swaagat hai". You may find 1/2 towers of Airtel. Used it for a short call and it worked. :) 

Limited BSNL connectivity in chitkul

Chitkul has BSNL connectivity.

Also, Airtel signal is available till Sangla (and even Rakcham) but not in Chitkul.

Chitkul has fair connectivity of postpaid Airtel as well as MTNLl and BSNL. One can use the landline from army camp and Himachal Pradesh guest House in case of emergency. 

Chitkul has BSNL connectivity as well as of airtel postpaid.

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