Udupi (District)

Planning Udupi this weekend.. any recommendations for bike rentals, must visit places, budget backpacker accommodation?

asked by Justin Francis

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If you are from bangalore you must know about wickedbikes.com they have it in udupi too, and most of the hotels are usually cheap

An option would be to stay in Mangalore, which has plenty of nice hotels, and ride to Udupi from there. A few of the places I would recommend are:


- The Krishna Ashram (possibly one of the few - or the only one- in India)

- Malpe beach (if interested in water sports) and a boat ride to St. Mary's Island

- Kaup beach (an excellent place to see the sunset)

Hello Justin,

There are several hotels right next to the Udupi bus stop, suiting different budgets. My preference has been Hotel Siddharth, a decent hotel for a tight purse. I paid Rs 800 for an A/C room, though prices might be higher considering its a long weekend.

There are many ancient temples around Udupi which are worth visiting, if you are the spiritual kind. In case you are travelling on a motorcycle, I suggest you visit Hornadu and Shringeri. Not only are the temples majestic, but the route is fantastic too. Also, try going to Kudremukh, it used to be a mining town and has an interesting history. However, plan it in a way that you're back by evening as there aren't any places to stay around Kudremukh. Karkala is famous for its unique 40 feet high Buddha statue. Another place of interest is the Agumbe rainforest. While heading from Agumbe to Udupi, I had seen a board which said 'Jog Falls 40kms', but couldn't visit as I was running short of time. I wish I had taken the detour. You should have your hands full with these.

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