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Transport and stay: Parashar lake trekking

I don't need any trekking agency. I want to go there at my own. Can anyone suggest about transport and stay

asked by Balkishan Gupta

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You can get all sorts of bus(volvo-roadways) from Delhi(Kashmere Gate ISBT) to Mandi.
From Mandi either you can book a Himachal Roadways bus to Baggi Village or find a cab provider. Bus from Mandi leave about every 2 hours. So no issues there.
Baggi is last motorable location and your base camp.
Baggi is a village so there aren't many options but stay and food is not a problem nonetheless.

Stay at Prashar is a delight, spend at least 1 night there. There are lot of options
1. You can stay inside the temple, they provide blankets and might charge you 100/-.
2. There are some camp service providers on top.
There is only one food joint there so not many options.

The trek is mostly a Jungle, so avoid trekking late in the evening because of light.
If going in and around rainy season, then beware of leaches, there were lots because I went there in the peak of rains.

About transport, you can take himachal roadways, though I went with a couple of friends by road and that was actually really good! But what I can suggest is that you can stay in the Parashar temple there. We did not know this and had a camp, but the temple is very accommodating (and free!). They rent you out blankets for the night and the rooms are actually pretty nice for a good night's rest. So if you don't want to camp that is a great option.

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