Are there any treks in Sikkim that can be done without guide/porter help?

asked by Atul Goyal

2 Answers

No. The trails are marked but you will not be allowed to enter without a guide.

Hey, Besides the famous ones like Goechala, Greenlake and muguthang there are many treks that u can do. Actually you can explroe entire sikkim on foot techniqually. I did the same ofr the West of sikkim and curated a route by the name - "The Holy Circuit" basically i linked all the historical and religiuos cemtres of West Sikkim.

Day 1 - Pelling to Khechopari

Day 2 - khechopari to Yuksum

Day 3 - Yuksum to tashiding

Day 4 - Tashiding to Ralang

Day 5 -Ralang to Ravangla.

We took or own tents and food, but wegot lovely locals hosting us everywhere so it worked. :)

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