What are the best places to travel in India as a digital nomad?

I am planning trips every month for a week around India while working remotely. However, the nature of job requires constant/decent internet connectivity, which takes places like Spiti/Leh out of the picture. @Wanderlust team and users, hope you can guide me on the best places to go where I can go backpacking without running to cyber cafes now and then. Looking forward to your responses.

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Oh, this is a question so close to my heart! I'll mention how I've been doing it.

First get a SIM from a good operator. In my experience, BSNL and Airtel works best. Airtel has better speed than BSNL but a bit less coverage. Also best to check connectivity at your target destinations before you set off. Surprisingly JIO has a great coverage too. If you have any of those, great! You mostly get good WiFi these days but I recommend getting SIM for two reasons:

  1. Reliability. It frees you from relying on hotel /guest house wifi. So you don't curse when the wifi is not quite like what you were expecting.
  2. Cost effective. The room rent at a place which provides wifi will generally be higher than the one without it so you have more options to be able to save some money. Thanks to this war between operators, Cellular data is cheap these days!

Since you mentioned Spiti and Leh, Spiti is probably the only place where I found internet to be annoying. (Bad internet has a great benefit to encourage you go out though 😃 But since the question is about being a digital nomad so yeah...) Leh city has good network ( only postpaid though).

Now one dilemma that you face is whether to stay near the center of the town where the signal is usually good or outside the town where it's less crowded and views are better. Since it depends on place to place so I usually try out 2-3 cheap guest houses at different locations for a day each and see where I'd like to spend rest of the days.

You also need to think about your purpose for traveling. Do you want to go out a lot exploring outside or you're OK just being at some amazing place working, occasionally exploring around. Both of these work great for me personally, but it's something to be clear about to avoid disappointment.

Last but most important tip I say is to visit places in the off-season for that place. I've always had better experiences, cheaper stays, better conversations with locals as well as offbeat travelers outside peak seasons. The prices can vary by as much as 1.5x to 2x. Definitely avoid long weekends.

I didn't recommend any specific places as I think you could do it effectively pretty much anywhere, where you want to be except few remote places. So where do you want to be? 🙂

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