What's the best thing you like about Goa?

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I have pretty much decided that Goa for me is only for its party scene. I also like north goa more for the same reason. So here is my answer for someone who loves to party!

  • Club Cubana - I wouldn't go to Goa if this is closed. I absolutely love this place. Other clubs are pretty bad if you compare them with Cubana. Either they aren't value for money, or are just bad.
  • Candolim beach - I really like the sand there(Judge me all you want :D). For some reason I find it a perfect mix and match of how crowded and peaceful a beach has to be. 
  • Beaches beyond Vagator - They are usually less crowded and I absolutely love to drive to them because the roads are scenic. 
  • Scooty rides - I like to believe that Goa is best seen by renting a scooty/bike(a little expensive). Some people rent a Jeep but since the roads all across Goa are narrow, I don't like to do that. 
  • Casino - Not really a fan, but its worth trying out once. And was also worth the mention so here it goes.

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