Bijli Mahadev

Which is the nearest place to stay around Bijli Mahadev?

Something that would be open in Jan-Feb...

asked by Atul Goyal

2 Answers

Bijli Mahadev is a small(2hr) hike in Kullu district and isn't very far from the Kullu bus stand.

I didn't stay there overnight but since there are a lot of accomodation options available in Kullu, you can find one easily.

Camps are available on top, will recommend you to confirm beforehand if you want to stay on top. Went there 4 years ago.

Happy Travelling

The best and the nearest place to stay around Bijlimahadev is village Chansaari , though its a very small village with limited facilities but you can find local guest houses there . You can stay with village people as well , when ever i visit there i always stay at one of these guest houses .....

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