Is there Indian network connectivity in Bhutan?

Which out of Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL work in Bhutan? Will I incur international roaming charges or would it just be national roaming? Any details about how people from India manage their network usage in Bhutan would be really helpful.

asked by Prakhar Gupta

2 Answers

Nope.. there is no indian network connectivity in bhutan. You will incur international roaming charges. But in phuentsholing, you will get indian network coverage near the border, and can use indian sim with the usual national roaming activated. It is pretty easy to get a bhutanese sim card. You just have to submit a copy of your bhutan entry permit and a pre activated sim card can be bought practically anywhere. You'll need to activate data separately though.

The Indian network as in Airtel and Vodafone will work but the roaming charges are very very high (40 rs for a minute call and 5 rs per mb data usage). So better use the hotel wifi or get a local sim in Bhutan itsef.

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