What is the best example of sustainable tourism you have experienced in your travels?

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Tea-house trekking.

Very popular in the mountains of Nepal, and also some places in the Indian Himalayas, I think this is an amazing form of experiential travel.

The idea is simple. Trekking in remote mountains amidst some incredible natural vistas you find shelter when you want to call it a day, in one of the locals’ house in the village you just arrived in. Being far from what you’d call as modern facilities, you get to sit with the locals, eating what they eat, meeting other travelers, exchanging stories and learning new stuff all along.

These locals often have a great respect for the nature and natural resources and the way everything is setup - you’re leaving close to negligible environmental impact in the process (as opposed to most other alternatives). You bring in money directly contributing to local economy helping the locals have less difficult lives when winter hits. Not just that, you also inspire them to consider educating their children and sending them to schools.

The benefits you bring to yourself are even more. Fresh air. Fresh food. The sense of achievement when you keep pushing yourself; a tiny bit more; and then some more. And the widening of perspectives when you sit with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds all coming from different parts of the world.

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