Spiti Valley

How good is the cellular/internet connectivity in Spiti/Kaza region?

asked by Gaurav Goyal

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Spiti valley has very limited phone connectivity.

In Kaza (the biggest town at the heart of Spiti), there is BSNL network. In almost all the villages including Langza, Kibber, Hikkim, Komic, Dhankar, Mudh in pin valley, there is no network. A very weak signal reaches some places in Kibber though. I've seen people placing their phones at specific locations in house at specific angles there to catch signal but that also isn't very reliable.

Coming from Manali side there is no network beyond Rohtang pass.

Coming from Shimla-Kinnaur side you get network in Sangla, Peo, Kalpa but not beyond (I.e., Nako, Tabo don't have any network).

No internet connectivity beyond recKong peo. Cellular network only on BSNL, that too very weak.


Coming from Shimla, you get airtel, idea, jio networks till Sangla, even bsnl doesn’t work in Chhitkul.

No other networks except BSNL once you cross Reckong Peo on the hindustan-tibet highway on the way to kaza.

BSNL is there till Lossar in spiti. No cellular network in chandrataal & kunzum all the way till Rohtang!

Bsnl is your best bet... Though connectivity on the way to kaza is very poor.. but expect to find wifi in most decent hotels in kaza...

BSNL is, without a doubt, the unsaid answer. However, Airtel also works well. DOn't expect a proper 4G everywhere though.

Airtel and bsnl works best here

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