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What's the best thing you like about Churdhar?

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Churdhar Peak is awesome trek round the year especially in winters, it changes into a paradise. From top, one can get clear 360-views of surrounding Shimla Hills, even one can see Kedarnath Hills in a clear day. Treks starts from small himalayan town i.e. Nohradhar. First hour is steep and check your capabilities and patience how much prepared are you for the trek. Later, trail takes you into the forest and get some relax moments. After 2 and half hours you reach to the Jamnala, where mostly trekkers halt for a break. After trekking for 45 minutes you reach to Place called Teesri (third rest point). From Teesri, Treeline finishes here. During winters, Churdhar Sanctuary witness the heavy snowfall. from the Top, you would get the 360-degree views of SHimla Hills and all the upper Himalayan ranges. There's a no shelter at the top except a Mahadev Idol so you have to descent to the other side for almost 40 minutes. There's a temple where one can spend the night.

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