Trivia / Alluring Arunachal

Donyi-Polo, the native religion of Arunachal believes in _____.

  1. worshipping nature (Animism)
  2. one God (Monotheism)
  3. multiple Gods (Polytheism)

worshipping nature (Animism)

Arunachal native people believe in Animism, which means believing that all things including animals, plants, rivers, Sun, Moon, etc. have a spirit, and are alive.

The name Donyi-Polo, the predominant religion of Arunachal Pradesh means "Sun - moon worshippers". With the belief in animism, these people worship nature.

Animism is the world’s oldest religion, and it predates any form of organized religion. It dates back to times when humans roamed the plains as hunter-gatherers, believing in the Spirit of Nature.

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