Trivia / Alluring Arunachal

______ receives the first ray of sunlight in India.

  1. Vijoynagar
  2. Dong
  3. Hawai


Dong, one of the easternmost villages of India, receives the first ray of sunlight in India. It is one of the last villages on the motorable road till Kibithu, an army base settlement on the Sino-Indian border. It receives sunlight as early as 4 am in some parts of the year.

Dong is situated along the Lohit river in the Anjaw District of Arunachal Pradesh. Visitors can reach upto Walong in public transport like shared Sumo taxis, but after that one has to hire a private taxi or hitchhike with the labourers working in Kibithu or Dong. There is a government guest house on the other side of the river where visitors can stay with prior permission from the government office at Walong. One has to trek for 8 km in the night to witness the first sun ray of India, but it surely is worth it.

Kibithu, an army settlement about 17 km from Dong, is the easternmost motorable point of India. On a clear day you can see Chinese villages from Kibithu across the border. Kibithu was the entry point for the chinese army in 1962, when they were able to reach upto Walong. It is now one of the five officially agreed Border Personnel Meeting points between the two armies.