Trivia / Alluring Arunachal

Arunachal Pradesh is also known as the ______________.

  1. Orchid State of India
  2. Herb State of India
  3. Rose State of India

Orchid State of India

India is a host to over 1300 species of orchids. Most of these are found in the north-eastern part of India out of which Arunachal alone has around 600 species. Thus, Arunachal is also known as the Orchid State of India.

Orchids are an endangered plant group. Hence, the government of Arunachal Pradesh has established orchid conservation sanctuaries at Sessa and Dirang. Travelers can trek in the Sessa Orchid Sanctuary on forest department approved routes to enjoy the natural habitat of orchids. Apart from these sanctuaries, the government has also setup orchid centres at Itanagar, Tipi, Sessa, Dirang, Jengging and Roing.

Arunachal is also known as a Paradise of the Botanists. The state boasts of 80% forest cover and is still untouched by developmental activities with a population density of only 17 per sq km as per the census conducted in 2011.