Trivia / Alluring Arunachal

Tawang Monastery is the ____ monastery in the world.

  1. the largest
  2. second largest
  3. fourth largest

second largest

Tawang monastery situated in the valley of Tawang river close to Indo-Bhutan and Indo-China border is the second largest monastery of the world and the largest monastery of India.

The full name of the Tawang monastery is Tawang Galdan Namgye Lhatse. 'Ta' stands for "horse", 'wang' means "chosen", which together forms the word 'Tawang', meaning "the location selected by horse". 'Galdan' means "paradise", 'Namgye' means "celestial" and 'Lhatse' means "divine". Thus, the full meaning of Tawang monastery is the "site chosen by the horse is the celestial divine paradise".

It is located close to Indo-Bhutan and Indo-China border and is connected with the rest of India via Se-la at an altitude of 4170m.