Trivia / Andaman and Nicobar

India’s only confirmed active volcano is located at the __________.

  1. Barren Island
  2. Nicobar Island
  3. Havelock Island

Barren Island

The Barren Volcano, located on Barren Island in the Andaman Sea, is the only confirmed active volcano in India. Barren Island lies about 138 km northeast to Port Blair. The highest elevation on the island is 354 m, which is the summit of the volcano that rises from the depth of 2,250 m below sea level.
The waters around this island are reputed worldwide to be among the world’s top scuba diving destinations because of its crystal clear visibility, corals, interesting lava rock formations and Manta Rays — a species listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
The volcano had first erupted in 1787. Since then, the volcano has erupted more than ten times, with the most recent one being in 2017. Based on the Ar-Ar dating of samples from Barren Island, it is established that the oldest on earth lava flows of the volcano are 1.6 million years old and the volcano is located on an oceanic crust which is ~106 million years old.