Trivia / Calm Lakshadweep

To visit _____________ island, you need to seek a permit, issued only to those whose accommodation here has been confirmed.

  1. Agatti
  2. Kadmat
  3. Kiltan


One of the islands in Lakshadweep which tourists love to visit is Agatti Island. Even though, the Lakshadweep Administration has put some entry restrictions, the tranquility and picturesqueness of this Island never fail to attract the tourists. The only way to visit the Island is by receiving an official permit from the administration, given exclusively when one has a confirmed dwelling place.

The island has only two resorts — Agatti Island Beach Resort and Sea Shells Beach Resort. To relish the beauty of this place, visitors usually hire bicycles to ride on the roads running around the island.

Apart from being one of the favorite tourist attractions, Agatti Island is also known to be the only place with an airport, Agatti Aerodrome.