Trivia / Calm Lakshadweep

________ island is one of the 10 out of 36 islands of Lakshadweep that are inhabited.

  1. Pitti
  2. Kodithala
  3. Minicoy


Amongst 36 islands of Lakshadweep, only 10 are inhabited and Minicoy is one of them. As per the census back in 2001, the island was inhabited by 9,495 people with 49% males and 51% females. Apparently, the average literacy rate in Minicoy is 82% — more than the average literacy rate of India, which is 74.04%. The population that comes under 6 years of age constitutes 12%.

Traditionally speaking, this island is essentially peopled by Dhivehis who are said to be the natives of ancient Maldive Islands and now reside in the Republic of Maldives and Minicoy Island. They form the third subgroup of Dhivehis, known as ‘Mahls’ and the locals consider themselves as ‘Malikun’.