Trivia / Calm Lakshadweep

When and where was the first Low-Temperature Thermal Desalination plant established in Lakshadweep?

  1. 2009, Minicoy
  2. 2005, Kavaratti
  3. 2000, Andrott

2005, Kavaratti

Opened for experimentation on the island of Kavaratti, capital of Lakshadweep, in 2005, Low-Temperature Thermal Desalination plant used the difference of temperatures of surface seawater and 500m deep water — warm and cold, respectively. The establishment of this plant costed around 50 million rupees. The purpose was to generate drinkable water and energy.

The National Institute of Ocean Technology advanced this concept in order to use the temperature difference not only for energy or potable water generation but also for effective air conditioning. In the year 2009, NIOT even put forth the plan to establish water plants on the islands of Minicoy, Agatti, and Andrott. Currently, these plants have been set up in Minicoy and Agatti.