Trivia / Energetic Punjab

Rock Garden was illegally built by a government official, ______________, who began the creation in secrecy during his spare time.

  1. Ramkinkar Baij
  2. Dhruva Mistry
  3. Nek Chand

Nek Chand

Nek Chand, ordinarily a government official, constructed the famous Rock Garden by starting off with clearing a small area of forest close to Sukhna Lake and sculpting a handful of figurines using waste materials. He used his spare time to secretly carry out the garden’s construction and was questioned when the authorities discovered it after 18 years, for the area chosen by him was declared as the “no-build zone” by the government. The authorities even threatened him of demolition.

Enthralled by his creation, the public decided upon supporting him. This left the authorities with no option and they eventually ended up providing Chand with salary and workforce in support of the continuation of this project.

Rock Garden gradually gained people’s attention across the world and even made its creator a
recipient of the illustrious Padma Shri award in 1984.