Trivia / Gujarat

The Rann Utsav celebrated at _____, reflects the mesmerising beauty of Gujarat.

  1. Vadodara
  2. Kalo Dungar
  3. Kutch


The Rann Utsav celebrated at Kutch, provides the perfect kaleidoscopic view of Gujarat — its beauty, culture, tradition, colourful celebrations, and serene joyful lifestyle. The Festival kicks off at Dhordo in Rann of Kutch every year from November to February. Best time to witness the festival is during the full moon.

It is said that the locals of the village Dhordo were struggling to make their ends meet due to the harsh conditions of the salt marsh. In 2006, Gujarat Tourism with its excellent vision transformed this dull and deserted place into a tourism hotspot. The white desert under a moonlit night is surely a sight for the sore eyes. The stunning enigma would leave you spellbound and crave for more of this serene beauty.

The  Rann Utsav, a carnival of music, dance & culture of Gujarat embodies the beauty of the White Rann when the full moonlight falls on it. Traditional folk dances, cultural shows, camel safari, folk music and camping are the main attractions of this festival. Tourists from world over pour here to enjoy this celebration in all its epitome.