Trivia / Gujarat

The Diu Fort is said to be made from stones from the _________.

  1. Bava Pyara caves
  2. Dhank Caves
  3. Naida caves

Naida caves

The Naida caves, a photographer’s paradise is located outside the Diu Fort. It is one of the most underrated tourist attraction of Diu. Located outside the Diu Fort, the caves have an intricate network of tunnels. It is believed that when the Portuguese ruled over Diu, they broke certain sections of huge rocks, that they later used for construction. This is how the caves came into existence. It is otherwise believed that the caves were formed due to geological irregularities and processes over a significant amount of time.

The Diu fort was constructed with large chunks of orange-brown rocks which were taken from the Naida caves. Hence, it is believed that the Naida caves are natural caves which have been carved out over time. Sunlight seeps inside the caves through the large slits and cuts left behind by the Portuguese and makes the caves a photographer’s paradise.

The orange-brown walls of the caves, the intricate network of tunnels, the sunlit steps and floor, unique shapes and the cropped rocks are indeed a sight to witness.