Trivia / Himachal Pradesh

Traditionally, the Himachali cap was embellished with the brilliantly coloured feathers of the ____________.

  1. Golden Pheasant
  2. Green Pheasant
  3. Impeyan Pheasant

Impeyan Pheasant

The Himachali cap was traditionally embellished with brilliantly coloured feathers of the Impeyan Pheasant. The feathers from the bird’s crest were used to add beauty to the cap.

The Impeyan Pheasant or the Impeyan Monal is also known as the Himalayan Monal. It is the national bird of Nepal and the state bird of Uttarakhand, India. Interestingly, it was also the state bird of Himachal Pradesh till the year 2007.

The practice of embellishing the cap with the monal feathers stopped after the bird was declared as an endangered species. The recent trends use either a brooch, marigold flowers, peacock feathers or dried flowers of the Himalayan Brahma Kamal ( Lotus of Lord Brahma) to accessorize the cap.

The Himachali cap or the Himachali topi is largely worn in the regions of Shimla, Kinnaur and other areas of Himachal. It is worn by women as well in the regions of Kinnaur, where it is known as thepang. While the women of the other regions mostly wear a dhaatu, a headscarf, typical to the state. The colour of the band of the cap varies depending on the region it is worn in. Being a traditional clothing item, it is largely made of handloom fibre and sports colourful patterns on soft and high-quality wool.


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