Trivia / Himachal Pradesh

The ________, a prominent festival in Malana, is celebrated to appease the fire god.

  1. Shoolini Mela
  2. Kullu Dussehra
  3. Fagdi Mela

Fagdi Mela

Malana is considered as a sacred village of unique customs and heritage. A torchlight procession in Malana village portrays an imagery of exoticism of the Orient. Although at a closer look, a group of villagers can be seen rejoicing Fagdi Mela, one of their two biggest festivals.

Fagdi Mela is celebrated in bone-chilling February. The villagers are all clad in the traditional attire which consists of Chola, Kalgi (round cap) and tight pyjamas. They dance around a fire to the tunes of drums and flute to appease the local fire god. The men can be seen dancing while holding fire torched sticks. It is indeed a sight to witness.

A goat is sacrificed to please Banasura Rakshasha and is considered as a purification custom. The meat of the animal is used to feed the entire community.