Trivia / Karnataka

_______ gets its name due to its shape which is similar to a religious symbol.

  1. Cross beach
  2. Crescent beach
  3. Om beach

Om beach

Gokarna is a small town that is famous due to two reasons — Hindu Temples and its calm beaches. Om beach is a double crescent shaped beach that resembles the Hindu symbol — Om. The beach is more than 2 km long and is generally not very crowded, and thus is regarded as one of the best beaches in Gokarna.

Gokarna is best covered by beach hopping which can be done by trekking through the hills and jungles of the region. One can start a 20 km trek from Kumta, a nearby town, and end the trek at the Gokarna beach after covering more than 15 beaches and a jetty ride across the Aghnashini river on the way.

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