Trivia / Meghalaya

Traditionally, the __________ inherits all or most of the property in most of the tribes of Meghalaya.

  1. youngest son
  2. eldest son
  3. youngest daughter

youngest daughter

The room is filled with celebrations when a baby girl is born, in Meghalaya. Traditionally, the major tribes of Meghalaya follow a matrilineal system. The “Khatduh”, the youngest daughter, inherits all or most of the property and is the caretaker of the aged parents and unmarried siblings. According to the folklore, the tradition was born when the Kings of the region entrusted their kingdoms to their queens when they went to the battlefield.

The society also has a prevalent live-in culture since the ancient times. The matrilineal system also act as a safeguard in case a child is delivered out of a wedlock, which is quite common due to the live-in culture. The concept of marriages has grown with the advent of Christianity in the region. Almost 75% of the population of Meghalaya practices Christianity.