Trivia / Meghalaya

Meghalaya is famous for the concept of its Living Root ___________.

  1. Bridges
  2. Temples
  3. Boats


Living Root Bridges are handmade bridges made by the local communities of Meghalaya by guiding the roots of the rubber fig trees. Ideally, a root bridge lasts for many hundreds of years as long as the rubber fig tree stays healthy. The bridge naturally gets stronger with time, as the roots grow thicker and combine with one another. Some of the bridges used by the locals around Cherrapunji are said to be over 500 years old.

Living Root Bridges are mostly found in the West Jaintia Hills and the East Khasi Hills. Jaintia and Khasi tribes are also known for the ladders and sun-shades formed by entangling the roots of the rubber fig tree. Apart from Meghalaya, these architectural marvels are also found in Nagaland and Indonesia.

The practice of creating living root bridges, just like other ancient practices, is on a decline due to the adoption of steel bridges in the modern times. However, a few new bridges are now under construction due to the increasing tourism that these engineering marvels generate. An entirely new bridge is being constructed in the village of Rangthylliang, and a third span is being grown above the existing two spans on the famous double-decker bridge of Nongriat.