Trivia / Nagaland

Nagaland is also known as the “_______ capital of the world”.

  1. Hornbill
  2. Falcon
  3. Tragopan


About one million Amur Falcons roost in Nagaland during their annual migration to South Africa. In November 2013, an international team of scientists declared Nagaland as the “Falcon capital of the world”. Falcons can be spotted for about a month around October/November in the region.

The team of ornithologists from the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Wildlife Institute of India, Convention on Migratory Species Office, United Nations Environment Programme and Environment Agency, along with the help of Pangti villagers geotagged 28 Amur Falcons to study the migratory patterns of the Falcons.

This came as a happy surprise after Nagaland had made it to the international environmental news exposing the mass killings of Amur Falcons that breed in Russia and China and migrate to South Africa going all the way across Asia. The people that hunted the birds have now turned into conservationists due to the legislature and awareness spread by the government after the coverage.