Trivia / Nocturnal Goa

Goa was formerly a __________ province.

  1. French
  2. Portuguese
  3. Danish


Goa was a part of the Portuguese India for around 450 years. Part of Goa was also the capital for Portuguese India for more than 400 years. Portuguese architecture is still prevelant in India. Goa also has two World Heritage Sites - the Bom Jesus Bascillica and a group of convents and churches.

During the Portuguese rule in India, Portuguese was extensively used in government and education system. After the Indian reclaim of Goa, Portuguese cease to be the official language of Goa. Thus, currently only a small community in Goa speaks the Portuguese language. Attempts to revive the language are being made by the Orient Foundation and the University of Goa. There are even free courses in various institutes for the promotion of Portuguese in the state.

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