Trivia / Nocturnal Goa

Which of the following is a layed Goan-Portuguese cake with jaggery as one of its main ingredient?

  1. Bebinca
  2. Perad
  3. Dodol


Bebinca is a layered Goan-Portuguese cake made from coconut milk, eggs, butter, jaggery and flour. Also known as the "Queen of Goan desserts" by some has 7-16 layers, each of which are baked seperately.

Perad is a Goan-Brazilian guava bar and is also known as Guava Cheese. It is made by reducing the Guava pulp after mixing it with sugar, ghee and lemon extract. Slightly uncooked Perad is also used as a jam by some.

Dodol is a Halwa like dish popular in Goa, south asian countries and some middle eastern countries. The jelly textured cuisine has an amazing flavour of the famous Goan Pyrimid Jaggery and creamy coconut milk.