Trivia / Puducherry

_________, an island beach, is located at Chunnambar, Pondicherry.

  1. Paradise beach
  2. Promenade beach
  3. Mahe beach

Paradise beach

Plage Paradiso is commonly known as Paradise Beach. Located at Chunnambar, this serene and peaceful beach has flocks of people coming over to be mesmerised by the azure waters and relax in the lapse of nature. It is an ideal place to get away from the noisy city life and relax with your friends and family. Since the beach has no rough surfaces, it is child-friendly and a host to beach volleyball, beach football etc.

The Chunnambar boathouse, is a one-stop for all, at this beach. Visitors can also enjoy a great assortment of delicious dishes of fresh fish, crab and prawns. They can also enjoy rides like a merry-go-round, bouncing castle etc after paying an entry fee. For an additional fee, you can also enjoy a 15 minutes boat ride from the beach to the jetty.

Paradise Beach attracts a great number of the crowd because of its crystal clear water and soft sand.