Trivia / Puducherry

The French War memorial is located near the _______.

  1. Paradise Beach
  2. Promenade Beach
  3. Rock Beach

Promenade Beach

The French War Memorial in Pondicherry is dedicated to the residents of French India, who had died for the country during the First World War. This memorial is located at Promenade of Goubert Avenue, opposite to the famous Mahatma Gandhi statue.

The war memorial was erected in 1937 and inaugurated on April 3, 1938, by governor Crocicchia. It was designed by the sculptor Gaston Petit and an architect named Delafon.

Promenade Beach, a 1.2 kilometre popular stretch of beachfront in the city of Puducherry, lies along the Bay of Bengal. This long stretch starts from the French War Memorial and ends at the Dupleix Park on the Goubert Avenue.