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Which one of the following is not true about a Camel's hump?

  1. It stores water
  2. It can shrink and expand
  3. A camel can have two humps

It stores water

Camel - the ship of the desert, is the national animal of Rajasthan. Contrary to popular belief, a camel doesn't store water in its hump. The hump is actually a store of fat which deflates when the food is scarce. They can also eat the thorny vegetation found in the desert and derive water from it. This allows them to survive without water for as long as five to six months in the winters.

Camels can walk effortlessly even on sand dunes, and that makes them a perfect companion in the desert. There are two types of camels - single humped Dromedary Camels that one can spot in Rajasthan and dual humped Bactrian Camels that are found in the Nubra Valley in Ladakh.

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