Trivia / Royal Rajasthan

The boundary of ___________ is also known as the Great Wall of India.

  1. Jaisalmer Fort
  2. Chittorgarh Fort
  3. Kumbhalgarh Fort

Kumbhalgarh Fort

Built by Rana Kumbha in the 15th century, the Kumbhalgarh Fort has a perimeter wall that spans 36 km in length and is 15 ft wide. It is also known as the Great Wall of India since it is the longest wall in India.

Kumbhalgarh Fort, Chittor Fort, Ranthambore Fort, Gagron Fort, Amer Fort and Jaisalmer Fort are a part of the Hill Forts of Rajasthan group. The group has been collectively declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors can also trek in the Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary that surrounds the fort. The fort, with an astounding 364 temples located inside it, is also a delight for the religious souls.

The longest wall in the world, the Great Wall of China, is 21,196 km long.