Trivia / Royal Rajasthan

_________ is one of the biggest cattle-fair in the world.

  1. Dhinga Gavar
  2. Pushkar Mela
  3. Karni Mata Festival

Pushkar Mela

Pushkar Mela, one of the biggest cattle-fair in the world, is an annual five-day camel and livestock fair that happens between the months of October and November. The fair showcases various competitions like racing, beauty contests, and musical chairs (yes you heard it right!) between camels from all over Rajasthan. One can also ride a hot air balloon and take a bird's eye view of the whole festival.

The fair ends on the Kartik Purnima - an auspicious day in the Hindu calendar. Hindus from all over India take a dip in the sacred Pushkar Lake on this day.