Trivia / Scenic Sikkim

_____________ festival is famous for the holy water ceremony, which is believed to be held for predicting the future of Sikkim.

  1. Bhumchu
  2. Losoong
  3. Saga Dawa


The much-awaited Bhumchu festival is sacredly celebrated in the well-revered Buddhist monastery in Western Sikkim, Tashiding Monastery that belongs to the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The festival is celebrated on the 14th and 15th day in the first month of Tibetan calendar, for its holy water ceremony which is said to have a pre-knowledge about the future of the year.

“Bhum” means pot and “Chum” means water. The holy water ceremony involves a sacred vase (Bhum) made from a variety of sanctified soils, water, and five types of precious ornaments from Odiyana and Zahor, religious places in India. This vase is opened on the occasion of Bhumchu. If the vase is brimmed with water, it refers to a future full of peace and success, while the low water level indicates famine.

This holy water is distributed across the devotees. Later, the vase is sealed after getting refilled with river water to be unsealed during another Bhumchu festival next year.