Trivia / Scenic Sikkim

___________ is an alcoholic, millet-based beverage that is commonly brewed in Sikkim.

  1. Apung
  2. Tongba
  3. Raksi


Holding cultural and religious importance for Limbu people in eastern Nepal, Tongba can also be found in the regions of Sikkim. The beverage is made by cooking and fermenting whole grain millet. After cooling the cooked millet, it is added to Khesung (source of yeast, bacteria, and moulds) and the mixture gets collected in a bamboo basket, which is usually layered with green leaves. The basket is then covered with a cloth and placed in a warm place for almost a couple of days as per the temperature.

Then, the sweet mass is packed tightly in an earthenware container and is sealed for fermentation for about 7-15 days. Once fermented, Tongba can be prepared in five minutes by pouring boiled water over the millet. One can keep pouring water and replenish the drink until the alcohol content of the millet is exhausted. It is a dream come true for people who crave for unlimited beer.