Trivia / Scenic Sikkim

The water of ________ hot spring is rich with sulphur and said to be remedial for skin.

  1. Ralong
  2. Reshi
  3. Yumesamdong


Sikkim is famous for its five amazing hot springs, namely, Ralong, Yumesamdong, Yumthang, Borong, and Reshi. Each of these is enveloped within a picturesque view and said to offer a pleasurable bathing experience. All the springs have one or the other benefit to offer and Reshi Hot Spring is no less. This hot spring is high in sulphur content and is believed to provide protection against skin diseases.

Located around 25 kilometers from Gyalshila along the banks of Rangeet River, the hot spring is surrounded by a number of dwelling options. Visitors get the option of staying in trekker huts or a famous cave known by the name of Kah-do Sang phu, which is recognized as a sacred cave by the locals.