Trivia / Serene Spiti

Spiti is described as a “world within a world” in the novel __________ by Rudyard Kipling.

  1. Plain Tales from the Hills
  2. Kim
  3. The Beginnings


The Picaresque novel Kim by Rudyard Kipling is known for its noteworthy portrayal of Indian people as well as their culture in different regions. The vivid elaboration of mountains takes the reader on a mental journey to this majestic land of Spiti.

Spiti is an exclusive knowledge centre infused with the spiritualism of oldest monasteries and is essentially a utopia for Buddhists. Locals are devoted to Vajrayana Buddhism, comparable to those residing in Tibet Autonomous Region and Ladakh region. A blend of culture, tradition, values, mysticism, and spiritualism, the "Middle Land" couldn't have been described better by the Nobel Prize Winner.

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