Trivia / Serene Spiti

The remains of more than 500 years old __________ can be seen in a village of Spiti in the form of Sokushinbutsu.

  1. Sangha Tenzin
  2. Trinley Gyatso
  3. Dogpa Lama

Sangha Tenzin

The Japanese term Sokushinbutsu denotes the act of seeking asceticism till death though self-mummification and is practiced by devoted Buddhist monks. It can be found happening in many of the Buddhist cities, states, or countries.

Sangha Tenzin was one such monk whose remains can be found at 12,000 feet, in Gue village, Spiti and are naturally preserved within a glass box, worshiped by the locals. Surprisingly, these remains didn’t undergo the usual deterioration even though they are subjected to getting ruined owing to exterior elements. This is because of the region’s aridity and cold weather. The mummy appears to be in a meditative state, leaving the onlookers awe-struck. Tenzin’s mummy was discovered in 1975 when an earthquake demolished the Stupa where his remains were preserved.

To lay emphasis on the significance of this mummy, a documentary by Victor Mair, called "The Mystery of Tibetan Mummy" shows a journey of a group of people trying to solve the mystery behind this legendary monk. Who says all mummies have to be embalmed and covered head to toe in linen?!